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Why Should I Choose a Denver Pediatric Dentist Over a Family Dentist?

If you are a new parent, you may be wondering where you should take your child for his or her first tooth cleaning: a pediatric dentist, or a general dentist? While a general dentist will do, a pediatric dentist is uniquely qualified to treat children from infancy to young adulthood, and can provide a more specialized, uniquely-tailored dental experience. Keep reading to learn some of the advantages of visiting a pediatric dentist.

More Specialized Education

All dentists spend 4 years in dental school after receiving their bachelor’s degree, but a pediatric dentist spends two additional years (and sometimes even three) receiving additional training. During these years, they focus on learning child psychology, infant development, teenage development, and special needs care. Since pediatric dentists receive this extra traning specialization, they are better equipped to handle dental problems that primarily affect children, like teething, delayed loss of baby teeth, and wisdom teeth removal.

Emotional and Psychiatric Benefits

Another great benefit of bringing your child to a pediatric dentist is that they are better trained and equipped to manage a child’s emotional needs during the dental appointment. By fostering and maintaining a child-friendly environment, pediatric dentists are better able to make each trip to the dentist a positive experience. This has two big benefits: Firstly, when a child is able to sit calmly in the dentist’s chair, it’s care can be administered more easily and thoroughly. And secondly, forming positive associations with dentistry sets up your child for a lifetime of good oral health habits. Children who have negative dental experiences, by contrast, tend to develop dental phobias and avoid treatment well into adulthood.

Developmentally-Based Care

A pediatric dentist will be mindful of your child’s age and developmental stage, and will use this knowledge to decide how, and when, to introduce healthy dental habits and treatments. For example, a child’s first few trips to the dentist will center around teaching proper oral hygiene habits, and this focus will shift as they grow to promoting the healthy development of adult teeth.

More “Kid-Friendly” Treatment & Waiting Rooms

Pediatric dentists have their unique opportunity to build their offices around their young patients’ interests and needs. This means they’re often a lot more fun than your conventional dentist’s office, with colorful, themed decor such as aquatic life, woodland scenery, or even outer space. Waiting areas will also typically feature more fun options to keep children occupied as they wait. You may even find it’s tough work convincing your child to leave when their appointment is finished!

Trust Denver Pediatric Dentistry With Your Child’s Smile!

If you’re looking for comprehensive pediatric dental care in Denver NC, our board-certified pediatric dentists will keep your child’s smile bright from infancy onwards! To request an appointment with our office, please contact our local dentist office today.