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Are My Child’s Baby Teeth On Schedule?

There are no hard and fast when it comes to the arrival of a baby’s teeth. The arrival of the first baby tooth is an important milestone our Denver NC pediatric dentist believes can become an issue for parents. Local pediatric dentists explain the baby teeth arrive at different times, with the oral health of an infant the most important factor.

When Will the Baby Teeth Arrive?

Pediatric dental crowns are an option for many infants, with local pediatric dentists advising to improve overall oral health. Parents are often concerned about the speed at which baby teeth arrive without considering their overall oral health. The arrival of the first baby tooth usually takes place between six and ten months, with many babies having their first tooth erupt as late as 14 months.

Which Teeth Arrive First?

The first teeth to erupt will be the front two teeth at the bottom followed by the top front teeth. The arrival of the first teeth will take around six months to complete and begin a pattern of four teeth erupting every six months. In total, teething will last two years, with some babies teething for as long as 30 months. By the end of the teething period, a full set of 20 teeth will have erupted, which need the care of our Denver NC pediatric dentist.

The Importance of Caring for Baby Teeth

Caring for baby teeth is vital to the good health of a child in the short and long-term. Avoiding issues with baby teeth can limit the chances of needing pediatric dental crowns and other procedures. Tooth decay and cavities are common in children and teens but can be avoided through proper oral hygiene.

If you are concerned about the teething process for your child, call our local pediatric dentists today for an appointment.