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Quick Tips to Care for Your Children’s Teeth from Our Denver Pediatric Dentist

Truth: Whatever the season, a smile is always in style.

Now – how do we bring that same enthusiasm to our children? And then, how do you keep our kid’s teeth healthy and strong all year long?

Well, it doesn’t matter the month or the temperature outside, basic dental hygiene practices are always in season! And the standard, tried-and-true dental care rules you were taught when you were young, apply to kids all year round today, too. Denver Pediatric Dentistry talks about important advice like brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day, use proper brushing technique (small circles without too much pressure, getting every side of every tooth), floss daily, and – our personal favorite – visit the dentist twice a year.

Now, let’s look at some seasonal challenges in particular when it comes to teeth.

Holiday Sweets

Boy, oh boy, kids love Halloween. Who wouldn’t – a big bag filled with candy? ‘YES!’ shouts the seven-year-old in all of us. We…err, they love – and crave – that treasure trove of sugar. That’s autumn’s holiday sweet trap. But, we can’t forget the Christmas cookies in the winter, and apple pie come summertime. Spring is comparatively in the clear, but all the seasons bring their specialty of sugars and sweets to attack your kid’s teeth.

Now, your kid should enjoy his candy stash, and baking Christmas cookies with your son or daughter might be a precious tradition. But, moderation is key. Make sure your kids don’t eat multiple Snickers bars in one night. Limit the sugar consumption to a bit at a time. Our team at Denver Pediatric Dentistry recommends brushing right after the treats. You’ll be cleaning the teeth right away, and you’ll be defining a boundary – no more sweets after brushing.

Holidays are the sweetest of times. Be sweet to your kids’ teeth, too, by limiting dessert intake and brushing right afterwards.